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SHANOOR was one of the global award winning artist that is exhibiting for World-Wide Gallery for one year. He will be joining 50 artists worldwide as they travel to major art hotspots and show at first-class galleries.


The month of July Shanoor's paintings areb eing exhibited at Cipriarte Venezia Gallery in Italy, and Nicoleta Gallery in Berlin the month of July 1-31, 2023.

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Inspired by a life rich in personal experiences, Shanoor believes that each part of our journey, perhaps most especially the difficult parts, teaches us something. His work bears witness to past pain endured by his people, displaced by the Armenian Genocide, and to grief ever present in the current socio-political climate, here in the United States and across the Globe. For Shanoor, pain comes in many colors, a rainbow of colors. These colors comprise his artist's palette. his work is imbued with symbolism, from the Puma to the Cross; the American Flag to Donald Duck and the Statue of Liberty to Megaton. These symbols come to him in dreams which derive from the influences and experiences of his grand parents' suffering and offer layers of complex meaning. Unlike so many artists working in similar genres such as Pop Art, Symbolism, Neo-Expressionism, etc., Shanoor's work stands out as profoundly unique. Unique because he never shies away from difficult topics, nor does he rely on shock and awe to evoke emotion in the viewer. Instead, he combines hope and pain, truth with an often ugly reality, existing just below the surface. He employs bright colors and gestural brush strokes that vibrate with magic. His work is especially relevant today, as we witness world disorder at a crossroads in American Democracy. The perspective he offers is both objective and empathetic, full of hope whilst recognizing the presence fo darkness. His perspective's importance cannot be overstated and should be shared, perhaps now more than ever. Pamela Jean Tinnen, Curator Art in Public Places, New York University

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The ability to portray the image is as difficult as the ability to cure the soul. It is my hope that my interactions with others can be as sincere and as true as the works you create.

Dr. Sameer Yapoor


Wow, I love it! I can't make up my mind which one is my favorite painting. It's a tie between Triumph of the Human Spirit, Implosion and Witness 9/11.

Cindy Galamore


Phantabulous, Shanoor! Your paintings are absolutely marvelous...not only artistically unique, but emotionally compelling.

George Cohan


Thank you for your dedication. I am proud to display your work in my office.

David F. Shafer, CMC, IMC


Thank you so much for your beautiful creation, our cover of Outreach received many positive comments, because of your painting.

Iris Papazian

Outreach Editor

Your enormous talent needs to be recognized and celebrated, I'm glad to have your celebrate freedom piece.

Gelbert Boyadjian / Investor

I love your work, I needed to have it in my office. You're just an amazing artist.

Jane Gallagher / Investor

WOW, I love it! I can't make up my mind which one is my favorite painting.

Lilly Sarkissian / Investor

Congratulations on your current show of work "Celebrate Freedom" We enjoyed being part of the experience and felt a renewed sense of the American spirit. Your energy and emotions come through so clearly in this vast body of work that you have been driven to create since 9/11.

Just as you have created artwork fro AIDS and breast cancer awareness, this statement for Americans to cherish their freedom is close to everyone's heart. Hearing you speak about your work confirms your commitment to this sense of spirituality that you want to share with everyone. Continued success and we look forward to seeing upcoming work.

Lynn & Craig Capen

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Johnathan Schultz Gallery

Johnathan Schultz Gallery

Artist Shanoor's painting FAMILY will be exhibited at Johnathan Schultz Gallery in Miami stating June 1 - 30th, 2023.

Of all the topics Shanoor has created paintings about, family is the one that moves him most. He has many memories of his parents, and especially his grandparents who went through the Armenian genocide in 1915. This painting called family which is a portrait of a family in tears, Shanoor expresses the pain and suffering the Armenians that had gone through genocide centuries ago continues to be the pain that is happening today with Armenian children and elderly being abandoned in Artsakh, Armenia. Azerbaiajan has blockaded Artsakh so there is no electricity, water and there is food crisis. Shanoor is expressing his feelings toward families and hoping for humanitarian efforts by our US Congress.